ok yes I see what you’re doing but why



okay so few days ago i showed you guys the shirts i’ve made and yeah lots of people asked me to make a tutorial about it so this is the first one :) i hope you all like it or at least understand heh thanks :)

ok so this is my tutorial [2/?]

how to make your own shirts using transfer paper by gerardwaysgay :)


  • plain white/black shirt
  • transfer paper for white fabric [that’s up to you, you can also pic transfer paper for black fabric]
  • an iron
  • scissors


  1. pick your design and open a new word doc and paste on it
  2. adjust the image to your doc (in case you are doing this shirt too, you can download the image HERE )
  3. and dont forget to use effect mirror to the image [you only have to do this step if your transfer paper is for white fabric
  4. iron your shirt, make sure it doesnt have any wrinkles on it.
  5. cut the image and not just adjust it on your shirt
  6. now iron the image on your shirt
  7. make sure the iron is in the highest level and iron for 1 minute, iron the corners too.
  8. wait until the paper gets cold and then take it off.

[sorry if this tutorial sucks but i dont speak english so i thought itd be easier using pics and explaining each step] :) [message me if you get lost in some step or didn’t understand and will try to explain it better]